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Air Conditioner Tune Up

Avoid Costly AC Repairs With Our AC Tune Up



Why have an air conditioner tune up?

air conditioner refrexh plus ac tune upBecause it will keep your air conditioning system running at peak performance!!

Our Air Conditioner Tune Up Service Includes:

  • Up to 1 pound of Freon (r410a)
  • Add solution to drain line
  • Basic brush evaporator coil clean
  • 24 point inspection

 *Additional charge for R22


Includes 24 Point Air Conditioning Unit Inspection

We offer the most comprehensive air conditioning system inspection in the HVAC industry in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Tampa FL.

We  will have your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency!

  1.  Check electrical connections and general wiring.
  2.  Check refrigerant levels. Make sure there are appropriate pressures for efficient AC use.
  3.  Check condition of condenser coil. Check fins for proper airflow.
  4.  Check condenser fan motor.
  5.  Check for leaks around service valves. Tighten if needed.
  6.  Check electrical disconnect.
  7.  Check condition of insulation on the suction line.
  8.  Make sure reversing valve on heat pump works.
  9.  Check low voltage wiring on condenser unit.
  10. Check amperage on compressor.
  11. Check or clean filters, some units have two filters.
  12. Inspect air handler for visible microbial growth on coils and fan blower.
  13. Check condition of evaporator in Air Handling Unit
  14. Check fins for proper airflow.
  15. Check drain lines in all drain pans.
  16. Put drain tablets in evaporator section to keep drains clean and clear.
  17. Check capacitors.
  18. Check contractors.
  19. Check low voltage wiring in the entire system
  20. Check supply air plenum for visible air leaks.
  21. Check operation via thermostat (both heat and AC modes).
  22. Check electric heat strips in Air Handler Unit.
  23. Check burner if unit has gas heat.
  24. Check Delta T reading across evaporator coil.

“Our Guarantee to you”

Your air conditioner will perform better and you will notice the difference immediately. It’s more than just a regular mechanical air conditioner Tune Up, it’s so much more.reduce your cooling costs ac tune up fl We will not only do a 24 point air conditioning unit inspection and check the  air handler components for microbial growth, we will brush vac your air conditioning unit evaporator coil to eliminate dust and particulates from the surface.  Not only will your air conditioner run more efficiently, it will save you money on your energy bill because your AC unit won’t need to work as hard. Our comprehensive mechanical air conditioner tune up help to keep your AC unit running at peak performance all year long.

* Excludes clogged drain lines, for maintenance only.


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