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Electrostatic Air Conditioner Filters For Less

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality – Reduce Allergies  –  Save Money on Cooling Costs

electrostatic air filterDoes using an  electrostatic air conditioner filter really make a difference? Yes, it does. Electrostatic air filters are more effective at removing indoor dust, allergens, pollutants and will significantly reduce microbial growth on your evaporator coil.  You will notice the difference the immediately. Your indoor air will smell fresher, cleaner and healthier than it ever has before.
The electrostatic air filter is also more convenient to use than conventional air filters. The material can be rinsed off when it get dirty which also makes it a cost effective solution for keeping your air conditioner coil as debris free as possible without impeding air flow like many of the thicker HEPA type filters. When your air conditioner has proper air flow and is not restricted by a thick, heavy filter material it will not have to work as hard to function properly and that will potentially save a lot of money on cooling costs, not to mention the need for evaporator coil cleanings. When your air filter allows particulates to bypass the filter material they will lodge in your coil and your AC unit will eventually freeze up due to a restricted air flow due to a dirty evaporator coil.  The Electrostatic Air filter is one of the best filters on the market today. It’s a custom made filter that is built using an aluminum frame. The Electrostatic Air Filter also has an additional electrostatic mesh layer that is custom sized to fit inside the frame. The electrostatic mesh is hot glued to the frame and will last a lifetime. This filter also has a rubber gasket seal that is attached on top of the frame so when the air conditioner is turned on the rubber gasket makes an air tight seal to eliminate bypass. No bypass means 100% seal so dust cannot get through and the air is  filtered properly.

One of the best things about this filter kit is the pads are sprayed with an anti-microbial, Aegis Technology, to  help eliminate dust, germs and other harmful contaminants on contact before they get into your air conditioning  system. The Health Sponge  air filter’s Aegis Technology helps to eliminate the filter as a breeding ground for mold and fungi. Aegis treated filters, when tested, reduced airborne micro-organisms by up to 85.5%  in a single pass.

You will immediately notice the difference in your indoor air quality. Your indoor air will smell fresher and cleaner than it ever has before and you will wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

There are many types of replacement pads you can purchase. Some are specifically made to eliminate odors and VOC’s. When you schedule one of our AC repair (indoor Air Quality) specialists to come out to properly  measure your AC System we will also  inspect your air conditioner for any signs of microbial growth. It is imperative that your filter is the correct size in order to have a proper seal as well as for easy installation and removal.  This filter is custom made and will be UPS delivered to your home or office within two weeks.

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